RObot enhanced SenSing, INtelligence and actuation to Improve job quality in manufacturing

The ROSSINI project aims to develop a disruptive, inherently safe hardware-software platform for the design and deployment of human-robot collaboration (HRC) applications in manufacturing. By combining innovative sensing, actuation and control technologies (developed by world market leaders in their field), and integrating them in an open development environment, the ROSSINI platform will deliver a set of tools which will enable the spread of HRC applications where robots and human operators will become members of the same team, increasing job quality, production flexibility and productivity. Thanks to enhanced robot sensing capabilities, the deployment of artificial intelligence to optimise productivity and safety, and natively collaborative manipulation technologies, ROSSINI will deliver high performance HRC workcells, combining the safety of traditional cobots with the working speed and payloads of industrial robots.





To design a Smart and Safe Sensing System with improved detection and tracking capabilities for monitoring the working environment, and a safety-graded fusion module for the processing of data


To develop a Safety Aware Control Architecture for robot cognitive perception and optimal task planning and execution


To develop a “Collaborative by Birth” Robotic Arm range with novel built-in safety features


To develop a framework for Human-Robot Mutual Understanding in collaborative operations


To integrate all the ROSSINI technological components into one inherently safe platform for HRC applications development.